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Acquisition / Private Equity Merger

shade-bh s.r.o. (the "Selling Agent") has been mandated by the Shareholders (owners of 100% of shares; the "Client") of the Translucent Concrete Technology (the "Company") to prepare this Investment Summary, share it with a selected group of potential investors, and to negotiate the sale up to 100% of Company shares (the "Transaction").

Executive Summary

• Unique selling point – Patented unique, translucent, concrete building material which combines a light transmission with a self-supporting and load-bearing capacity
• Invented and designed locally in the Czech Republic, with ambitions to expand globally
• Can be used in both interior and exterior surfaces, such as facades, stair steps, panels, or partitions and dividing walls
• Limited competition (4-6 producers), mainly manufacturers of glass blocks
• Market size for the closest competitor (glass blocks) was more than 750 million € in 2019. Conservative estimate of the current market is roughly 800,000 €, however, this is predicted to grow 20-times by 2024, as reported in Translucent Concrete Market – Global Forecast to 2024 report by MarketsandMarkets
• Technology and trademarks patented worldwide and in more than 20 national libraries (includes the method of production)
• Award-winning design - winner of Vodafone Nápad roku 2013, nomination by Czech Grand Design in 2012 and 2013
• Comprehensive solution for assembly and production of translucent concrete building materials
• Functional prototype and technology ready for mass production
• Wide applicability in both residential and commercial properties (e.g. offices, hotels, bars, shopping centers)
• Cost-saving opportunities - 3-times lower production costs compared to the competition
• Customisation using LED diodes, different concrete color schemes, patterns and finishes of plastic components, etc.
• Eco-friendly - Saving energy (heat + light) during new constructions to qualify for Green Building certification, as well as green production by re-cycling waste produced by grinding
• Grants and funding - currently in 2nd round of application for co-financing grant from the EU worth up to 2 million €

For more info

• The next step should be the Non-binding LOI with the identification of the potential buyer, afterword, the NDA would be prepared and signed.
• Then the access to the Data Room would be available.
• All these steps would be provided and coordinated by the Selling Agent.


Igor Nemeckay
+420 603 808 573

Marian Sutto
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*Disclaimer: The Selling Agent has prepared this document based on information provided by the Client; however the Selling Agent does not bear any responsibility nor accept any liability whatsoever for the contents or interpretation of the information provided herein. Prospective investors shall always rely on their own investigation, financial plans, and conclusions. This document and its contents are confidential and may be redistributed in whole or in part with the prior consent of the Selling Agent.

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